Futuristic Blogger & Public Speaker @ KateGoesTech

Transhumanist Leader @ Transpire

Former Contributor on AI @ Forbes

Author @ Springer NatureKyivPost

Guest Lecturer @ UCL, Warwick Business School, UiHubs, CC Forum

Keynote Speaker, Panel Moderator, Host @ Various Tech Events

As a Transhumanist, I believe humans can move beyond current physical and mental limitations, and I see technology as a major way to improve the world and empower humanity

I advocate sustainable progress, human dignity, peaceful co-existence with other species, triumph of liberal democracies as the only political system encouraging the sustainable growth of world-changing technologies, making humanity multi-planetary to reduce the Solar System risks and the potential dark forest strike 

Love controversy, adrenalin, parallel times hypothesis and people who make their dreams a reality

Afraid of mediocrity, ageing and stupid TV shows

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“Attending Kate’s lecture will make you stop, focus, and listen. Her ideas are fresh, intriguing, and full of innovation. She makes you dream about a future that you hadn’t even considered, but in a way that makes you want to, and makes you feel like you’ve got all the tools to make this vision a reality. If you are looking for a powerful communicator, with knowledge and an ability to cut through the chase, I recommend Kate every time”

Alyx Wood

“Kate is articulate, affable, and engaging. As a well-read dreamer, the journey she takes you on challenges the status quo. As a moderator of a complex topic at a conference, I felt she got the best out of the panel, who started to collaborate and enjoyed themselves”

  • Alyx Wood, Chief Investment Officer at Kernow Asset Management

Reece Medway

“Kate moderated our panel discussing AI & Lexus, it was great to have a panel host who was knowledgeable and therefore asked thought provoking questions in the context of the debate – Kate added, guided and helped progress the conversation in a very positive and professional manner”

David Savage
“I have known Kate for a number of years and have been lucky to interview her as a subject on my podcast, and have moderated a panel where she was a guest. She brings a wonderful combination of enthusiasm and expertise to a conversation, able to talk about ideas which are complex and theoretical in a way an audience can understand, and be enthralled by. She is a speaker able to add real value to any debate”

David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist at Nash Squared

I have attended a number of Kate’s talks/panels on Transumhumaism, AI & Blockchain over the years

Her talks are always informative and entertaining. Kate captures the audience with her knowledge and enthusiasm for the topics she is presenting. She is able to communicate complex ideas in an easy to understand and charismatic style

When moderating a panel, she will ask probing questions and elicit responses that keep the audience fully engaged

I always enjoy the ‘questions from the audience’ section of Kate’s talks. Her ability to give and an intelligent response with an often unexpected and alternative point of view is one of her unique qualities