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What Is The Enabler of Progress & What Is Its Main...

Dictatorships constitute the biggest impediment to our mutual progress, the progress of humanity and the next evolutionary leap for humanity Be it becoming interplanetary species or solving human mortality, curing cancer and Alzheimer, solving climate change problem, -we, as humanity, cannot move to the next stage of our development while dictatorships are hampering this progress

What Is Right and What Is Wrong

Are we building the world where various views can co-exist regardless of their extremity and disregard for basic human values? When some people are closing their eyes on what other people are doing even when some believes and actions lead to unimaginable horrifying consequences? Or are we building the world where we all collectively agree that some things and believes cannot be tolerated for the benefit of all members of this society?

History Matters. But Winning Matters More

While Russia has destroyed millions of lives of the Jewish people, Crimean Tatars, Poles, Czech, Hungarians, Afghani, Chechens, Georgians, and Syrians, and is currently slaughtering Ukraine, - the West has to understand: Any Free Nation of the World That Does Not Bow to Putin Awaits the Same Fate You Cannot Negotiate with a Terrorist This War Is Not a Ukrainian War. It Is a War Over a Choice, Freedom and Future, the Future of Our World
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