If I only got some BTC, Ether and PolkaDot;

If I only got – not today, not tomorrow,

but On the deepest dips

Or in 2006!

If I only staked my coins

Right at the start

To show those bitches

the APYs I would have got

Show the cross chains transfers,

Magic yields bonanzas.

DEFI Supremacy.

WONDERLAND and SPELL fallacies!

Don’t be fooled by timing.

The strategy’s arising.

Bukele in front row.

I know who I voted for!

Bitcoin the legal tender

Will solve racism and gender

Crypto whales in command now

The world in splendour!

Champagne showers With DEFI experts after hours:

Do not stake your money

In that farm, Honey!

It’s been over a week

The returns are getting bleak!


ICO is done

Who bought that trash idiots?

It was intended as a pun!

Whatever! I’m going to the moon!

All prophets of doom

You relish way too soon!

However! The gas fees of staking

Are my debts in the making

For all fantastic returns

Approach the zeros as it turns

Got to listen to your Mom

Finance Advisor

Or someone wiser:

If the promised return

Is the reason for concern

Your DEFI mentors

Could be serving a sentence

Splashing yachts and Audemars Piguets

New world in the making

Results of HODLing and staking

If not invited

Your fate is decided

Do not interfere

Just work hard, my dear!

Fortunes rise, then they fall.

Smile and love;

You’ll get it all!


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