What awaits human civilization 5000 years from now? Will we even exist?

This book is not a citations-gatherer, but rather a deep dive into a possible scenario of our future development given one of the factors is to lead to an annihilation of all life on Earth.

An amusingly detailed story of a what-if scenario that combines deep technicalities and no-bullshit psychology of the survival instinct.

Imagine we’ve got 3 years before Earth ceases to exist. What our reaction would be? How would we coordinate our actions? How will we rediscover the true power of human potential when faced with a harsh deadlines of an approaching END?

A book with the most contradictory reviews and a huge impact of our perception of the world, the fragility of life and an infinite potential of a human race.

President Barack Obama’s summer reading choice and a coming major motion picture.

Over the first decades of the Cleft, the cameras died one by one. Depending on how you felt about ubiquitous surveillance, the result has either been a new Dark Age and an incalculable loss to history, or a liberation from digital tyranny.

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As a Transhumanist I believe humans can move beyond current physical and mental limitations, and I see technology as a major way to improve the world and empower humanity. Believing in a divine power of a human being, nevertheless, I acknowledge we might have stepped too far in relation to other forms of life.


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