Human race have dominated this Planet for a relatively short period of time, through which, however, it managed to eliminate hundreds types of live creatures, bring Earth atmosphere near to an irreparable condition and cut more than 70 % of the Planet’s lungs. This is what has been happening throughout a relatively short though incomparably profitable and economies-boosting period of an Industrial revolution.

With the rapid automatization of production, services industry proliferation and a vanguard of history books indicating an advent of an information age, how are we going to reprioritize our ways and make sense of what has happened so far? Well, here we are, standing on the crumbling surface of our vandalized Planet, swiping the icons of our Smartphone and distantly controlling the garage gate before enveloping ourselves in a craftfully designed scenario # 3 of a relaxed after-work lounge-bar.

We have our cars’ sensors connected to the temperature regulation for freezing our Sauvignon Blanc and heating our Jacuzzi, we have our stress level detector connected to the Spotify music mixer, we have our iWatch preconfigured for the amount of sleep and workout we need to get in order to increase productivity and health. We got it all. Everything futurists and sci-fi geniuses were predicting back in the day is now being literally stored on our fingerprints.

Wait, what about the destroyed forests and extinct animals? What about the coal-black sky above Beijing? What about the spelt oil and millions of sea inhabitants that have been suffocated by human greed? Do we even care about it listening to the latest reproduction of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and making vacation plans on a latest Stan-grad designed app?

The answer is no. We do not feel bad about ourselves because we have nothing to be ashamed of! We worked hard to preorder yet another edition of smart home, easily connected with all our appliances through a LWM2M protocol. Time and again we consulted with engineers and integrators who calculated and advised us the best solutions to decrease our energy costs and rationalize our expenditures. We are using electric cars and parking apps to reduce our emissions. We have been consciously donating a percentage of our profits to the nature conservation NGO of our choice. We are no more exploiting the non-renewable energy from the times of Paleolithic but using the individually installed solar and wind energy to power our lives.

We have more free time to learn and reflect, we are more psychologically balanced and positive towards people around us, we are healthier, happier and we are living for a purpose, a beautiful one. The purpose of holding a next-generation historical book educating our grandchildren on the beatific era of Smart Revolution, when our long-suffered Planet has been restored, wars and hunger have been ceased due to the redundancy of renewable resources’ creation, unemployment has been eliminated due to an ever increasing number of sustainable jobs’ creation and artificially spawned hatred has disappeared due to the dissipation of the stakeholders.

We are living for the future where Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day” will be a mere horror in the night…

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As a Transhumanist I believe humans can move beyond current physical and mental limitations, and I see technology as a major way to improve the world and empower humanity. Believing in a divine power of a human being, nevertheless, I acknowledge we might have stepped too far in relation to other forms of life.


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