We are used to hear about bus drivers’ and cashiers’ job getting automated.

However, some reports indicate that about 25% of jobs will become automated and people will get redundant in most spheres.

Was great to be invited to speak in Excel about how Automation and New Technologies are going to impact white collar jobs, specifically Sales.

Speech at Excel

Topics you will learn about:

What can we do to bulletproof our career and differentiate ourselves from competition?

What can Alexa teach Salespeople?

How can you impress your customer while spending less than 15 minutes on your research?

How new ways of compensation will change the playing field?

Why women should be especially excited about new technologies coming along? 

What far-fetched predictions are going to revolutionize the way we see work and sales in 10 years’ time?

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As a Transhumanist I believe humans can move beyond current physical and mental limitations, and I see technology as a major way to improve the world and empower humanity. Believing in a divine power of a human being, nevertheless, I acknowledge we might have stepped too far in relation to other forms of life.


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