Man vs Machine: Using AI in the Creative Industry


Lexus Europe is launching an advert with a difference. What makes it different to any car advert you’ve seen before? It’s the perfect combination of man and machine. Scripted by an AI and directed by award-winning director, Kevin Macdonald, Lexus’s global reputation for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation inspired the 60-second film, entitled Driven by Intuition.

In this session, world-famous director Kevin Macdonald, is joined by Michael Tripp from the Lexus Europe Brand Communications team, Reece Medway, an AI specialist from IBM, Dave Bedwood, Creative Lead from advertising agency T&P and Will Nutbrown and Alex Newland from Visual Voice, who created the AI. The group will explore how man and machine can work together to push the boundaries of creativity as we know it.

AI Scripted Ad by Lexus – SMWLDN18

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