Was exciting to talk to Salt about my experience, getting in tech and succeeding in a male-dominated environment.

Few snippets here:

Career defining moment

I was very surprised to be invited to moderate a panel on the creative use of AI for Lexus. There were C-level officials from Lexus, top experts in AI, and an Oscar winning director on the panel. I had never done public appearances before but decided to take an opportunity. It was super exciting and went really well. I loved talking in front of an audience and do it quite often now.

How can we encourage more girls to consider a career in tech?

I don’t think anything should be done as of now. Tech and STEM are already super trendy, with Silicon Valley dominating all the discourse about the future and bio-technologists winning beauty contests. Everyone wants to be in tech, and women are following the trend a lot.

Equally, as rising costs of life and population increase, some women simply cannot afford to stay as housewives. Thus, the combination of women empowerment and economic realities pushes more and more girls into an exciting and challenging field of technology.

What challenges have you faced in the workplace, especially your experience in male-dominated environments?

There can be an appropriate answer to this question, saying that sexism in the workplace is a myth and personally I have never had to deal with this nonsense.

A truthful answer to this question, however, is that predominantly, especially at the beginning of their career, women face immense pressure and sexual harassment at work. Only extra effort to prove your worth and extreme self-composure can prevent an otherwise “natural” tendency towards objectification.

I did face sexual harassment myself and had to resign from a workplace because of this.

Is there one piece of advice you wish somebody gave you at the beginning of your career?

Yes. Do not assume you cannot do something because you are a beginner or in the midst of a career change. Ageism is an artificial concept that keeps society stable. It does not mean you have to adhere to it. Take opportunities and volunteer for things even if not asked for. Come up with initiatives and do things others deem outside your reach. The more you take on early in your life the easier and more fulfilled your life gets down the road.


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