Some people say my opinions and articles are too controversial and conflict seeking.

Some people might even say the same about me personally.

Truth is, – anything I write or say is clear and straightforward as Newton’s laws of physics. Not contradicting like some unknown euphemisms, not cryptic like the code Morse, not mysterious as a “Russian soul”. Simply clear, self-explanatory, and raw, like the heart of an honest person who have never existed.

I thought I’d write on the topic, which baffled me for years, which I have dedicated multiple articles so far and which is still creating an unwarranted confusion and ambiguity among millions, if not billions of people.

I’d like to talk about religion. I’d like to analyse its role in the lives of individual people, as well as try to analyse its role in the world overall.

I will not pretend to have a baggage of wisdom or a PhD in religious studies, which would help for a more in-depth and well-rounded assessment of the subject.

Nevertheless, I am sure even scratching the surface would render a reasonably complete and objective picture.

I will start with my immediate family. Acknowledging that some things are better not said or shared, I believe an objective analysis cannot really be made without exposing yourself first.

My Polish great grandmother. What a proud woman she was. And beautiful. Long ginger hair, infinite blue eyes. XXth century Jessica Chastain, lost in years and translations between Polish aristocracy and NKVD’s rifles.

“I am Szubinskaja” – she used to say proudly. Like her heritage and nationality could have protected her from the daggers of life. Also, for as long as I can remember her, she would keep a small Catholic Psalter with completely incomprehensible Polish letters. She would pray to her Catholic God every single evening. She would try to teach me this beautiful Polish language, for which I had no appreciation back then.

Ah, my poor beloved Pani Szubinskaja. Her beauty and aristocratic heritage have not saved her from a life full of suffering and pain.

All her family have been interrogated, tortured and shot by the russian Communists. Aged 10 she has been left an orphan having to look after her younger sister.

Where and how has her Catholic God helped and preserved her from the horrors of the Soviet machine? At which point has it compensated her for all the horrors Polish people have never deserved? I do not know the answer to that question.

Which part of her life has been at least meagrely improved by that God she so vehemently believed in? I bet, – none.

My other grandmother had this very God under the Christian Orthodox dressing.

She was the kindest and most selfless person I have ever known. She would go to the church every Sunday to ask him for forgiveness for the sins she has never done. She would beg him to look after her children and grant them happiness, – happiness, none of which has ever had anything to do with the blessings of this cruel creature. She would teach me the prayers, which, – she believed, – would spare her and us from the evil. Little did she know that her God has prepared her the end I would not wish even for the worst enemy I’d rather see dead.

Her Orthodox God had given her 8 long years of incomparable suffering of an absolute dark emptiness of dementia, without any understanding who she was, why she could not move and what for she has been punished to live through hell most people would never experience even if the Hell actually existed.

Her kind and magnanimous God has played a trick of an absolute and unmatched cruelty on her most devoted follower, just like this thing does to the most of them. Her prayers has not saved her descendants either, – some of whom have to be now living in a constant threat of russian bombs.

In fact, I don’t think I know any happy person who would go so low as to ask for favours from a creature who so clearly hates all his servants. Moreover, I do not know many world religions or institutions who would not despise and use their followers for the satisfaction of their own, greedy, untowardly, and ungodly purposes.

Don’t think the actions of the Russian Orthodox Bishopship needs much elaboration. Nevertheless, I will do so for people unacquainted with the matter.

Russian Orthodox religion, just as Russian Orthodox Church, is probably the only legally recognised institute of trickery, mental torture, and state condoned and enabled deception and robbery.

Not only do you have to believe that you should live your life as a right-less and miserable piece of trash for a mere chance of a magical after-life; you should also never question the fact that your Patriarch is in fact a billionaire himself, enjoying unlimited powers and wealth for using the sheep horde of his followers to support a repressive regime of a Kremlin goblin.

A key pillar of Putin’s ruling apparatus, the 75-year-old Kirill has championed conservative religious values and buttressed the Kremlin’s authoritarian tendencies by denouncing opposition protests. The person, who many russians consider a saint has backed Russia’s genocide in Ukraine, calling on supporters to rally to fight Moscow’s “external and internal enemies”.

The blood-stained regime of delusional KGB cadres is heavily dependent on Patriarch Kirill keeping millions of russian people in check, criminally aligning Orthodox religion with the “sacred” need to support Putin’s dictatorship and a genocide in the neighbouring Ukraine.

All these millions of russian Orthodox believers, easily and irrevocably turned into the avid supporters of unjustified genocide of innocent people; all these millions of russians, equating their love for God with the support of a terrorist state, all these millions, inhabiting the vast lands of the russian state, hoping that their blind trust and blind love for the blood and money-thirsty institutes of the State and Church will lead them to the gates of paradise.

Paedophilia is equally widespread in russian Orthodox church – in russia as well as in its dying branch in Ukraine, with some priests going as far as raping their own daughters

Who has ever said religion is a tool for good when the interests of its followers are so clearly being taken advantage of?

Who has ever bestowed these unlimited moral powers to an arbitrary group of people, whose only goal is their own self-enrichment?

And who, and why, is still trying to justify this travesty as anything but a major fraud, exploiting the naivety and stupidity of the whole nations?!

If anyone dares to think Catholic religion is any better, – they should look no further than Polish State’s using the Catholic church as a backing for their ultra-right demography-building baby generation apparatus, denying the half of Poland-based population their human right of choice. Interestingly, the so-called “progressive” States are probably joining the party.

If you think Catholic church hypocrisy ends only at torturing millions of females take some time to read about a ubiquitous paedophilia among the higher ranks of Catholic priests. I am not trying to be sacrilegious in this article. Everything I am writing is pure truth.

If any religious people’s feelings are being hurt, it is not mine or their fault. It is the fault of these very religious institutions, which, while giving hope and meaning to some, and while harbouring numerous God-abiding decent people, are still, unfortunately, too corrupt, and way too unworthy of having any place in our lives. Much less so, – having the audacity to speak from the place of a moral standing.

While having an immense respect for what the Polish nation has managed to achieve after finally breaking free from the plague of the Soviet State, their obsession with Catholicism has brought neither happiness nor progress to the country. Just the opposite, despite the huge technical and economic gains, it keeps pushing it further and further into the Middle Ages.

Moreover, the whole Catholic world looking up at their ideological leader, Pope Francis, can be very well righteously questioning the sanctity, and, honestly, the sanity of this human being.

Having all the information about the ongoing genocide russia is perpetrating in Ukraine, this “leader” of the Catholic world dared to put the blame in the ongoing war on Ukraine itself, as well as the NATO countries, which were ‘barking at Russia’s door’!!!

A person who is supposed to be a beacon of morality is accusing the victim of Russian aggression in provoking (!) Putin into a genocide. Moreover, this very person is questioning whether it is right to supply the Ukrainians with weapons!

You got to be kidding me! Instead of going to Kyiv, Bucha, Gostomel, as many world leaders did, by the way; as Pope John Paul II would have, undoubtedly, done, this “religious leader” says he should be in fact going to Moscow, as there is “nothing in Kyiv to talk about”.

Maybe such perverted moral standing has nothing to do with his association to the Institute of the Catholic Church. It does speak tons to the institute of the Church, however. And the tolerance of the congregation to such a morally corrupt person at its top.

Buddhism and its revered leader, Dalai Lama, are not an exception to the overarching bankruptcy of religious leaders around the world. In fact, Buddhist leader does not even feel necessary to hide his paedophilic tendencies from the public, forcing children to “suck his tongue” as “a joke”.

And, of course, the article would be incomplete without mentioning the biggest and fastest growing religion in the world, – an omnipresent Islam, which, despite having created a strong moral foundation for almost 2 billion people, still acts as one of the biggest tools of misogyny and a safe harbour for numerous terrorist organisations.

Chances are I am just incredibly jealous about people who manage to find hope and consolation in the drawings on the wall, books with tiny incomprehensible scripts about some superior creatures of prophets descended from the skies; or who see the sacred light coming from the passing clouds. Still, I find these childish fantasies to be simply a psychological weakness and capitulation in face of finding and adhering to the logical principles of what is right and what is wrong.

Religion, heavens, and priests will not save you, even less so – show you the right way forward. Religions have been created to rally uneducated masses around a monarch, a lord, or a dictator. Heavens have zero interest in you whatsoever. And most of religious leaders would burn in hell if those even existed. Funny so many people still look for validation and support where they can only find deception and ridicule.


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