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How These “Big 4” Will Get Us Back to the Bull

Both stock and crypto market dips are signaling the beginning of an approaching worldwide financial crisis, which will be reverted by Blockchain, AI and BioTech

Are We Alone?

If we at this stage are talking about mind uploading, why do we ignore the possibility of advanced civilizations having done so billions years ago?

Would Sarah Everard Have Happened in China?

While being fired for voicing sexual harassment claim to HR did not seem very funny to me four years ago; Sarah’s body in Kent and Lola’s tortured body in a suitcase definitely does not seem funny to me now. I think the time we take women security issue seriously is long overdue. Instead of women worrying over moving around the city, we need stronger tech and better AI to come to our rescue. What needs to happen is the introduction of stronger AI and face recognition software imprinted throughout Western CCTV networks, to start with.

Will Neuralink Get You Ready for AGI?

What is Neuralink? How can it develop? Will it enable us to live forever or turn the reality into a surveillance game?

Can Privacy Exist in the Modern Age?

Human mind has been constructed in such a way that we are able to have one thing on our mind and another – on our tongue. This means that if at least one human being can have their real thought and intentions hidden, all others should be able to do the same. If one person has data privacy, so should anyone else. Pure game theory. Thus, as much a question of ethics, data privacy is a matter of physical survival.
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A Question to Elon Musk

Who Is Framing NAFO?

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