Where Is The Money?

FTX Fraud has been named the Ponzi scheme of the century with world’s 2nd biggest crypto exchange losing over $10 billion of...


How MetaVerse Will Change Geopolitics

Oppression and creating “Narrative Realities” is the inability of the players to choose the surrounding, rules and duration in the game. Oftentimes millions of people are trapped in the fabric of the never-ending game they have no say or freedoms to change or leave. provide the only possible escape from the suffocation of “Narrative Realities”. Equally, they might prove the only viable way to destabilise the opposing force without the need to resort to the weapons of mass destruction.

Impossible Today: Reality Tomorrow

Every decade or so we look back at what we’ve managed to achieve, how many sci-fi movies and futuristic predictions we were...

We Can Do Better

A Question to Elon Musk

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Can Privacy Exist in the Modern Age?

Human mind has been constructed in such a way that we are able to have one thing on our mind and another – on our tongue. This means that if at least one human being can have their real thought and intentions hidden, all others should be able to do the same. If one person has data privacy, so should anyone else. Pure game theory. Thus, as much a question of ethics, data privacy is a matter of physical survival.

Intelligent Automation Week

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