Salt Women in Tech Interview

#SaltSessions Women in Tech #WiT Interview with KateGoesTech. On career in Tech, success in Sales, MeToo story, Futurism and advices to a younger self

Tech Talks Podcast

What is Transhumanism? Why would we need Immortality Committees? Should you be able to buy Eternity? And How Transhumanism is a New Environmentalism?

Warwick Technology Network Presents The Future of Work is Now

My main points: • Follow the weird - Capitalize on weirdness today rather than losing out on the mainstream tomorrow • Ways to future-proof yourself in the face of coming automation - Be above APIs or Swim in Blue Waters • Follow the gut feel - You can learn skills, but you cannot learn to be passionate • Learn to deal with uncertainty - This will be the most common state of work in the XXI century (25% probability of recession hitting world economy in 2019 and 56% in 2020)

Man vs Machine: Using AI in the Creative Industry

Lexus Europe is launching an advert with a difference. What makes it different to any car advert you’ve seen before? It’s the perfect combination...

Is A Robot Going To Take My Job?

Is it a robot that will take your well paid comfortable job? How can robotics and new technology empower you instead? And what should you do to stay relevant? A list of Black Mirror futuristic predictions included.
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