Can Privacy Exist in the Modern Age?

Human mind has been constructed in such a way that we are able to have one thing on our mind and another – on our tongue. This means that if at least one human being can have their real thought and intentions hidden, all others should be able to do the same. If one person has data privacy, so should anyone else. Pure game theory. Thus, as much a question of ethics, data privacy is a matter of physical survival.

AI, – Hype Vs. Reality

Should AI development be restrained? What should be taken into consideration when designing a world with AGI? Are we too far ahead or too much lagging behind? What are the types of AI? These and many more answers in podcast

Tech Talks Podcast

What is Transhumanism? Why would we need Immortality Committees? Should you be able to buy Eternity? And How Transhumanism is a New Environmentalism?

Work Shot

As everything around us evolves and develops, so will the way we work. From co-working spaces that are trying...

Salt Women in Tech Interview

#SaltSessions Women in Tech #WiT Interview with KateGoesTech. On career in Tech, success in Sales, MeToo story, Futurism and advices to a younger self

What Is The Enabler of Progress & What Is Its Main...

Dictatorships constitute the biggest impediment to our mutual progress, the progress of humanity and the next evolutionary leap for humanity Be it becoming interplanetary species or solving human mortality, curing cancer and Alzheimer, solving climate change problem, -we, as humanity, cannot move to the next stage of our development while dictatorships are hampering this progress

Intelligent Automation Week

Intelligent Automation Week focuses on companies journey across the realms of RPA and AI to allow you to overcome companies challenges with...

Social Media: Centralised Vs Decentralised

Social media companies became so big and omnipresent that under the auspices of Surveillance Capitalism they are now officially the deciders and governors of what is acceptable and what is not. Another obvious problem of centralised social media is its power to identify a breach and de-platform a user based on its policies.
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